Wednesday, 6 December 2017

InWorldz - WF/T4T2017 Welcome-Info Area

Winter Fest & T4T December 2017
#InWorldz Map Landmark - InWorldz Events Scenic 21
Images by © #RigTorok

"InWorldz WinterFest&T4T 2017 - Welcome/Info Area
Moontan has once again created an inviting Welcome area decorated for the Holidays with candy canes, festive lights and winter landscapes.  In the center of the area you will find a map of our event sims (created by Drew Hunter.)  Four stalls display tp boards so that you can visit various event sims.

There are several ways to find regions and builds.
- The pictures in the marketstalls are teleports
- A walkable map with teleports in the middle of the island
- Walk the bridge to discover the surrounding regions on foot
- Take the Tour to see the art and community builds" ~EC&Olde

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