Sunday, 17 December 2017

InWorldz - T4T Auctions on Sunday Dec 17th at 11am IWT

Toys For Tots - AUCTION BEGINS AT 11amIWT Today!!!!
Here is a quick glance at the Auction Region and trying not to highlight any particular item! Also a couple of shots from the iNewz Toys For Tots Special with Elenia that was on Dec 13th.
Images by © #RigTorok 

"This is the 9th Winterfest to be celebrated in InWorldz. All funds raised for Toys for Tots on the grid will be matched by the Founders of InWorldz and will be sent to the Toys For Tots directly by Elenia.
During the auctions, we will be treated to the delightful music from DJ Mike Chase from 11-1 and then DJ Calli from 1-3 and DJ Astoria from 3- 5. Wolf Hartnell will be running the auction with help from EC and Olde.
The community of #InWorldz has always been very supportive of this event. Sooo our auction is coming up today!!!! There is a LOT of cool stuff at the auction and in the shops.
Let's GO GO GO Toys For Tots and Help the Children!!" ~Olde&EC

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