Saturday, 16 December 2017

InWorldz - 6 Kels & Matt Foxclaw Winter Build WFT4T2017

Number Six on the Tour Notecard - Winter Fest & T4T December 2017
#InWorldz Map Landmark - InWorldz Events Scenic 37
Images by © #RigTorok

6. Kels & Matt Foxclaw Winter Build
"In this collection of winter areas, Matt and Kels have designed several interesting areas for the animals.  Colorfully lit trees, lamp lit walkways and comfy seating areas can be found along the way as you explore.   Feature areas include a reindeer stall, "Frozen"
ice castle, a dance gazebo, and icy waterfalls.  Along with the elephants and bears, you will find dining dodos and dancing fuzzies to name just a few of the animals on view.  You can also take a sleigh ride, but do not forget to take the chance to get a set of the limited Sabers on sale in the T4T vendor to help the Toys for Tot cause." ~EC&Olde

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