Friday, 15 December 2017

InWorldz - 5 Moontan Valeeva Winter Exhibit WF/T4T2017

Number Five on the Tour Notecard - Winter Fest & T4T December 2017
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Images by © #RigTorok

5. Moontan Valeeva
"50 Worldz for Snow by Moontan Valeeva
Inspired by Kate Bush's "50 Words for Snow", Moontan has designed a stunning exhibit of landscapes and photography.  Upon entering the sim, use the tp portal to reach the tube like object in the sky.  Once inside, walk the path and view the impressive photography of Moontan.  This combination of semi-transparencies, projections, and light effects creates an amazing ethereal feel.  After you have soaked it all in at the photo exhibit portion, tp back to the ground and explore the ground level, where you will find an incredible display of landscaping, projections and light effects. The refections of the moon on the water and the way the aurora-like light effects softly dance across the mountains took my breath away.  -- Best seen in Midnight and Advanced Lighting.--" ~EC&Olde

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