Tuesday, 31 October 2017

InWorldz - Fall Fest - PyroVR Backstage View!

Halloween Parties all day
10am - Noon  DJ Gerrard Winstanley - European Halloween Bash and Costume Party
Noon - 2pm   DJ Astoria Luminos - Halloween Party
4pm - 6pm    DJ Diva - Halloween Party
6pm - 8pm    DJs Calliope & Mike - Final Halloween Bash
8pm - 8:30pm    PyroVR Fireworks & Light Display
Special Preview - PyroVR Fireworks Backstage View for this Event!
Tue Oct 31th 2017 at IWz Times!
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InWorldz - Fall Fest Mon Oct 30th 2017

Noon - 2pm DJ Ashley Martin
2pm - 4pm DJ Garrett
4pm - 6pm DJ Griffin Martin
Mon Oct 30th 2017 & were at IWz Times!
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Sunday, 29 October 2017

InWorldz - Fall Fest Sat Oct 28th 2017

1pm - 3pm Golden Touch Club Event
4pm - 5pm The Dinkies Band with DJ Bain Finch
Sat Oct 28th 2017 & were at IWz Times!
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Saturday, 28 October 2017

InWorldz - Fall Fest Fri Oct 27th 2017

10am - 11am Khiron Ametza Live
Noon - 1pm Melodee McDonnell LIve
1pm - 3pm DJ Fantasia
3pm - 5pm DJ Content Creator
Fri Oct 27th 2017 & were at IWz Times!
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InWorldz -Gaudins Heaven

Random Region "Hopping" in #InWorldz Using the Login Pages as a guide! July 2018 Images by © #RigTorok ...