Saturday, 6 May 2017

InWorldz 25 - IW8 Sim Highlight - Avatar Art Exhibit - Starter Avatars 2017 - Extra Bonus

Avatar Art Exhibit - Starter avatars 2017 by Tamara Ismee
Tamara has done an excellent job creating this exhibit which features the 2017 starter avatar entries. 4 female and 4 male avatars are on display and oh my I absolutely think I need that adorable robot avatar! ~EC
Thanks to contributers:
Ferrator Montoya
Mary Marydana
Sophia Larkspur
Morrigan Bellie
Tamara Redenblack
Whisper Carfield
Pamella Easton
Denny Hart
Linda Kellie
This is a late entry into the IW8 so just caught it in time Yay..... Ty Tamara Ismee! 
Images by © #RigTorok

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