Saturday, 17 December 2016

InWorldz - Winter Fest 2016 The Golden Touch - Being the Light Information Giver

The information giver keepsake for the up and coming #InWorldz GT show today Dec 17th & 18th was created by Tamara Ismee - I had some fun doing an abstract study of it!
Please note Cover Photo Credit by Calliope Andel.

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful. ” ~Norman Vincent Peale
When: Saturday 12-17 11am and 2pm IWT AND Sunday 12-18 10am IWT
Where: #InWorldz - Golden Skye - The home of Golden Touch, Golden Skye (214, 64, 23)
URL For Live Streaming:
The Golden Touch is pleased to present their Christmas production "Being the Light" for Toys 4 Tots.  Come and share a moment in time with all of us at one of THREE shows we'll be putting on for you! Also, for the first time ever in InWorldz, we will be LIVE STREAMING the entire Sunday show (starting at 10am IW)  for those who can't make it directly.   Be sure to tell all your friends, come to the show if you can (early) being there is an experience for sure!  The URL for live streaming is above!
Some tips for maximum enjoyment of the show:
- You cannot use IW viewer 1 or 2, you will not see some effects and other things will look borked. You can use IW3 viewer, Firestorm, CoolVL, Singularity or Kokua.
- Turn on advanced lighting in preferences.
- Turn your particles to max  (8192) in preferences
- Please set your sun to midnight.
- Please turn on your sim music.
- Please sit immediately upon arriving.
- If you want to take off huds, and AO's etc. please do so before arriving at the sim.
****We have a sim limit of 50 avatars, so come early or come to the second or THIRD show****
We hope to see you there!" ~Calliope Andel

Credit Images by © #RigTorok

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