Monday, 26 December 2016

InWorldz - IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE - Part TWO 15-25

"Off Event Sim Build - It's a Wonderful Life - As I was out exploring today I visited this sim created by Woody and Kemi mcAlpine. It is a nostalgic build based on the movie It's A Wonderful LIfe. Full of sights and sound clips that will bring back memories. If you are a fan of that movie as I am it will certainly be something you will enjoy exploring. See note for details" ~EC #InWorldz
"We are pleased to invite you all to our special holiday treat for all of Inworldz!
We have built a sim wide replica of Frank Capra's masterpiece - It's a Wonderful Life including :
The Town with its drugstore where George worked as a little boy
The Bailey Savings and Loan
The Bedford Falls Savings and Trust
Martinis Bar
George and Mary's house at 230 Sycamore Street
The ice pond where George saved his Brother Harry
The Trestle Bridge and its shack where the angel saved George
Bailey park with its cute houses
Potter's field with its slum houses
The Leather Goods shop where George received Mr Gower's present
We have included in town a Museum where you can learn about the real life town that inspired Frank Capra. We recommend walking around because sound clips are sprinkled at various points with clips from the movie. We hope it will remind you of the movie and what has become to be considered one of the top movies of all time. Ps: don't forget to touch the cigar lighter in the drugstore and make your wish too! We hope you enjoy it as much as we did building it!" ~Woody mcalpine & Kemi mcalpine
On Region: Accentz Best Quality Furniture Homes
Credits: Woody mcalpine & Kemi mcalpine
Credit Images by © #RigTorok
I followed the Highlights of the Region via the notecards!

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