Friday, 2 December 2016

InWorldz - 2 Winter Fest 2016 Sim Build Highlights - Nyx Breen

"Walk down the path to the entrance lined with crystalline ice trees and snowmen, then walk through the ice archway and grab a pair of free skates at the Russian ice gazebo.  Skate your way through this collection of architecture, sculptures and artwork representing various countries and cultures surrounded by beautiful snow covered mountains and wintry waterfalls.
Some of the features include:  China Town gate, Celtic house, Persian tea house, Victorian pavilion, Ice pagoda, Celtic Crosses, and icicle covered gates laced with delicate snowflakes.
In the center of the sim is a beautiful moving sculpture of ice dancers.  Nyx has certainly captured the essence of our "Sleigh Ride Around the World" theme in this well designed exhibit". ~EC
Credit Images by © #RigTorok

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