Monday, 17 October 2016

InWorldz - RFL Ceremony, Entertainment and Lap Costume theme - PART TWO

Was on Saturday 15th October 2016. (8am – 8pm IWT) All monies going to Relay-For-Life.
Many DJ's took part providing cool music throughout the day for you to either dance or run, walk, horse ride around the track - I sent my camera off around the track to capture the scenes while I enjoyed a fantastic cup of coffee - joking!!
I must say I am very, very impressed with RFL Running Track a very impressive and supreme build across all the RFL Regions. - I take my hat off to you and all the Sponsors!
Btw; thank you Samira for being in the right place at the right time - smiles!
Credit Images by © #RigTorok


  1. Thanks for the lovely comment. Passing this on to our mighty little builder.

  2. Thank you Bain, you are all doing wonderful works!


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