Monday, 24 October 2016

InWorldz Fall Fest Carnival 2016 - Ganjo Mokeev Live!

Event 1:00pm IWzT was on 23rd Oct.
"Celebrate Fall, Fright and Carnival Fun at Fall Fest 2016! Ganjo's originals and unique covers of blues, funk, R&B, neo-soul make for a rocking good time! Ganjo has been playing guitar, bass and drums, as well as singing, for over 30 years. He uses backing tracks (and plays all the instruments) with live vocals and guitar... the groove is big and sure to get your mojo workin'! Wee folks, as always, if you want to jam onstage with Ganjo, he loves it!" ~EC #InWorldz
With the Support from the Golden Touch Dancers, The Weefolk Band and Lexxy Moore and her Pawsome Particles!
Credit Images: by © #RigTorok

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