Thursday, 13 October 2016

InWorldz Fall Fest Carnival 2016 - Autumn Forest

It is a beautiful fall day in the forest!  Today's sim build highlight is Autumn Forest by Llola Lane & Sven Pertelson.
Follow the path to see larger than life colorful autumn leaves, mushrooms, frogs, snails and other forest treasures.  Go off the beaten path to experience the interactive elements such as the dance circle or the Helter Skelter tree slide or walk to the waterfall, rezz a leaf and ride down the meandering stream as you enjoy this lovely setting". ~EC #InWorldz
October 13th 2016.
Credit Images: by © #RigTorok


  1. Thanks for the wonderful pictures. Glad you enjoyed the build.

  2. You are most welcome, an incredible place InWorldz is to take photos!


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