Saturday, 24 September 2016

InWorldz - The Great IWz Discovery Tour - Kittywake Flows No: 6

On the IWz Great Discovery Tour 2016 Map and Landmarks
Kittywake Flows No: 6 - Owner: Kelly4U Lynn
"This is a public rezz lot, all are welcome to use the boat and wind surfing rezzers or rezz your own boat! You can also rezz your cars for the driving in the sim next door or plane for the small air strip". ~Kelly4U Lynn - "Kittywake Flows is part of a 4 sim estate, with a lovely natural setting that you will love exploring". ~Magellan
"Just shows you what you can do with these 2X2 Sim packages - Cool........ Excellent fishing here too but, it was cut short - Darn.... SHARKS arrived " ~#RigTorok
Fishing Boat Credit: Tenbears Running - "Scrimshaw Yacht Sales" @ "Friday Harbour" 
Credit Images: by © #RigTorok

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