Thursday, 18 August 2016

InWorldz - The Great IWz Discovery Tour - My own Introduction!

Welcome to the great InWorldz discovery Tour!
The tour will be launched in the beginning of September. I have decide I am going to join the Tour as well with so many regions now joined, it's a great way of viewing InWorldz and a very realist way of going from one place to next in this case by boat - most COOL!
Bump - Forum link for full facts:

Now lets see: At each destination you see a "Tour Logo Sign" On clicking - its a rezzer so you will get a boat for the next destination, so no worries if you have no boat! Also you will get a map of the route with all destinations.

For myself I am using my own boat which was delivered today I had to chop, two trees down, sell my cow and buy a landing dock to fit it at my home! (see photos below taken @ my own "Plus Parcel" - InWorldz Tikaboo Mesa - Aug 2016). Now I need to buy supplies and do some sea trails before September! ~#rig.
My Fishing Boat: - Credit: Tenbears Running - "Friday Harbour" - "Scrimshaw Yacht Sales". Boats from 10m to 75m in length. Sailboats, powered with Bwind Script set, power boats, speed boats.  Home of the New InWorldz Power Boats. Built for speed, great handling SPD boats. Organized races in the near future.  Demo boats available! ~#Tenbears
Credit Images: by © rig torok.

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