Tuesday, 23 August 2016

InWorldz Fall Fest 2016 - CARNIVAL Oct 1st - 31st

Wow..... Walking out of my house this morning I noticed I've had a visitor and my poster had been changed ready for the up and coming InWorldz Fall Fest 2016 - CARNIVAL Oct 1st - 31st, somebody has been busy working through the night! #RigTorok
"Here is a copy of the letter too!"

Supporting the InWorldz Official Events Program really easy.
(Look for the Poster like this and click!)
We have included our official poster (in two sizes) with this information pack. Please rez this in any public places that you manage, and pass it on to anyone that you know that can display it in their locations too. We want to be sure that as many people know about our events as possible. The posters deliver the latest information pack to anyone that clicks them, and they automatically update for future official events and other news, so you can leave them rezzed after this event.
Thanks, and we hope to see you at our upcoming events!
for EventsCoordinator InWorldz and the Founders of InWorldz

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